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2. I can't access the private IMARK web site

When you type in your username and password you receive a screen saying: "Your username or password was not recognized by our system."

If you are using your company username and password and you receive this message, email In the email, indicate your name, company name, and the username and password you are trying to use. You will receive instructions on what to do.

3. I don't have a username and password.

You follow the LOGIN link from the home page, but do not know what to enter.

The first time you visit the system, you need to use your company's username and password to get in. You will then be sent to an area to create your own, individual profile. To receive the username and password for your company, contact your IMARK Navigator or email In the email, indicate your name and company name. You will receive instructions on what to do.

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IMARK means commerce. From Electrical to HVACR to Plumbing and more, our vertical segments offer members participation in an exciting world of business.

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