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IMARK Group, Inc.
Your Road to Success

IMARK Member Benefits

Mission Statement

IMARK will deliver the highest possible financial returns to the member distributors while delivering above-market performance in volume and market share to a preferred group of leading manufacturers of electrical supplies and equipment.

Vision Statement

IMARK will be universally recognized as the premier marketing organization in the electrical distribution industry.

IMARK Group Overview

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About IMARK Group
Financial Benefits
Marketing Programs and Support
Networking and Best Practice Sharing
Meetings and Communications

About IMARK Group

IMARK GROUP, Inc. is a member-owned marketing group made up of over 1,100 independently owned electrical distributors throughout the United States. Our membership includes over 70 members in the Top 200 largest distributors in the country. Member companies serve their local customers from over 2,000 branch locations. With over $15 billion in combined sales, IMARK Group is the largest member owned, member governed cooperative in the US electrical industry.

Key to IMARK's success is its relationship with nearly 100 of the industry's leading suppliers. Members work closely with these suppliers to maximize profitability, increase market share, and strengthen business relationships. Their ultimate goal is to satisfy and support the end customer - whether an electrical contractor, industrial or institutional MRO, or electrical utility.

Financial Benefits that boost member profitability

  • Members earn preferential financial arrangements from IMARK suppliers. For many members, their dividend checks make up more than 50 percent of company net profits before taxes.

  • Each jointly developed GainShare Market Plan program offers members the chance to earn substantial additional financial dividends for exceeding member specific annual purchase objectives.

  • IMARK's Working Capital Plus™ program helps members optimize cash flow.

  • Members have the opportunity to participate in the Elite Distributors Insurance Company (EDIC), a captive insurance company providing competitive premiums and dividends on property, casualty, general liability, and workers' compensation coverage.

  • IMARK members receive discounts and rebates on business services and supplies from a growing roster of high-quality service providers.

Supplier Relations

IMARK offers members and suppliers an innovative set of programs and services. These programs are designed with both the top and bottom lines in mind.

  • Members are strongly motivated to shift purchases to IMARK suppliers. The IMARK to the MAXX program demonstrates to members how shifting purchases to these suppliers will improve their profitability.

  • Marketing and sales development programs are designed to further enhance revenue, market share and profitability for both members and suppliers.

Marketing and promotional resources that boost sales

  • Our comprehensive joint market planning program helps members and suppliers develop annual marketing and sales plans to stimulate mutual growth. Sales targets are tracked to goal monthly on the IMARK website. Members earn additional rebates when they achieve the purchase goal established in the plan.

  • Through our Committed to Marketing Excellence (CTME) program, members earn merchandise, gift certificates and travel prizes when they conduct marketing, sales, and training activities with supplier sales personnel.

  • IMARK suppliers develop special promotions tailored specifically for members on an on-going basis.

Networking and Education- Best in class industry gatherings and educational resources

  • Networking groups of 10 to 15 noncompetitive members (with similar business profiles) meet in person twice a year-and often communicate throughout the year-to share best practices and solve common business challenges. Many member executives say these meetings are the most important and valuable part of their IMARK membership.

  • IMARK University, powered by offers a variety of web based learning modules on key products and their applications. All training is available free of charge to all member employees and can be taken at any time. Participants earn monetary incentives for successful completion of courses on the IMARK University.

Meetings and Communications

  • IMARK hosts Showcase, an annual marketing conference and product trade show that gives members the inside track on the latest products. One-on-one meetings between member and supplier key decision makers help build and strengthen relationships.

  • IMARK's annual meeting offers a mix of business and pleasure. Again, it's an excellent opportunity to network and learn. One-on-one meetings between member and supplier key decision makers are invaluable for building profitable relationships.

  • The IMARK website ( has become an indispensable business tool for both members and suppliers. Information on all programs and services are available online. Up-to-the-minute IMARK news, sales promotion updates, meeting registration, and much more can be found on the site.

  • Award-winning IMARK Now magazine provides industry- and business-specific information to key decision makers, making it a valuable advertising vehicle for suppliers and member service providers.

  • Quarterly direct mailing features information on high impact products and 'news you can use' from IMARK preferred suppliers.